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Federal Advocacy

Since 1925, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) has connected businesses of all sizes and sectors from all regions to advocate for public policies that will foster a strong, competitive economic environment. Chamber members are some of the 200,000 businesses represented by the largest business association in Canada. The St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce is an active member of this association.

In July of 2017 the Federal Government released a list of proposed changes to taxation legislation that had pervasive effects on businesses across Canada. Chambers rallied their members from coast to coast to call for the Government to take a closer look at their proposed changes and ensure that they #ProtectGrowth of small and medium businesses and family farms in Canada. 

Canadian Chambers of Commerce Website
Since 1925, the CCC has connected businesses of all sizes, from all sectors and from all regions of the country to advocate for public policies that will foster a strong, competitive economic environment that benefits business, communities, and families across Canada...

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2017 Proposed Policy Resolutions
Every year, member chambers of commerce and boards of trade, along with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce's policy committees, are invited to submit resolutions of a national scope to our policy process. The above link contains the results of the debates, amendments, and policy development process resources as well as activity updates.

Policy Wins
The St. Albert and District Chamber of commerce is part of the 450+ network that focus on breaking down barriers to competitiveness to ensure Canadian businesses can prosper, compete, and succeed. Here are the most recent advocacy successes.

CCC Committees
Thirteen committees are comprised of members with expertise in particular fields. The CCC policy committees research and develop policies on a variety of issues that affect Canadian business and are relevant to the membership.

Got a suggestion for a federal policy?

Policy Submission Form

Please write one or two sentences on the issue that has prompted the need for a policy resolution and/or recommendation.

Please share some details regarding the issue.

Please state what specific action you believe should be requested on the part of government to positively impact the issue.

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