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Provincial Advocacy

Provincial Advocacy is done by working with the Alberta Chambers of Commerce, the ACC, who advocate on behalf of provincial business after community chambers gather in the spring to put together the yearly policy book.

Alberta Chambers of Commerce
[ACC Website] Welcome to the Alberta Chambers of Commerce, as an advocate for Alberta business, the ACC are your local resource, championing ideas, harnessing energy, and collectively moving forward sensible solutions for small business...

The 2017 ACC Policy Book [pdf]
The policies in this book were approved by the Board of Directors of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce. Policies passed by the Board remain a part of the Policy Book for three years.

Subscribe to the ACC Mailing List
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Vision 2020
In partnership with CGA Alberta, the Alberta Chambers of Commerce have engaged in a new public policy research project entitled 'Alberta Vision 2020.' It is a broad-based research project aimed at understanding Alberta's and Canada's social and economic policy options. To gain better insight on what those options may look like, we need to identify the trends that will form the foundation for the future.

Alberta Cabinet Ministers
The Premier is the head of Cabinet, and chooses cabinet ministers. Cabinet approves Orders in Council and policy matters, and has the final say on day-to-day government operations.

Got a suggestion for a Provincial Policy?

Policy Submission Form

Please write one or two sentences on the issue that has prompted the need for a policy resolution and/or recommendation.

Please share some details regarding the issue.

Please state what specific action you believe should be requested on the part of government to positively impact the issue.

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