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Items of Interest 2017

2017 Municipal Election Forums [12/10/17]

On October 10th and 11th the St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce hosted two election forums: one for councillor candidates and the second for mayoral candidates. A video archive of both events can be found HERE.

Kingston Ross Pasnak Proposed Tax Change Information Session Presentation [19/09/17]

On September 19th the Chamber hosted a free information session in Cardiff hall regarding the proposed tax changes that affect small business and farmers. Rob Heron's presentation is available HERE.

Daylight Savings Time Chamber Social Media Survey Results [18/07/17]

On July 10th the Chamber sent out a social media survey to see what our members thought about the Alberta Government dropping Daylight Savings Time. Eighty-eight people responded on Facebook and Twitter:

68% said 'Drop It'
18% said 'Keep It'
14% said 'Don't Care'

Municipal Planning Commission Round Table Synopsis [16/05/17]

On May 16th, 2017 at the St. Albert Inn & Suites, the St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce held a roundtable discussion in response to Councillor Bob Russell's motion to City council to reinstate the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) which had been officially dispersed in 2008 and had not met since 2005...(also includes links to the Chamber letter written to City Council and Brian Bachynksi's presentation to Council)

EIA March 8th Luncheon Presentation [08/03/17]

Steve Maybee, Vice President of Operations Edmonton Airports, presented this Power Point during the March 8th General Meeting.

State of the City Address from the February General Lunch [08/02/17]

Taxation of Employer-paid Health and Dental Benefits [Canadian Chambers of Commerce]

The federal government is considering taxing employer-paid health and dental benefits. Along with adding hundreds or thousands of dollars to Canadian's tax bills, this proposal could cause many employers to stop offering coverage to employees...[go to page]

Items of Interest 2016

NWR Partnership - Sturgeon Refinery Update [09/03/16]

Doug Bertsch's presentation from the March 9th General Luncheon. Details on the North West Redwater Partnership and how they are responsibly adding value to Alberta's bitumen resources. (3MB PDF - Full Presentation)

State of the City Address from the February General Lunch [10/02/16]

ACC Considerations for Developing the 2016-2017 Federal Budget [19/02/16]

On behalf of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce Federation, the following recommendations were submitted to the Government of Canada.

J Angus Watt 2016 Economic Outlook Presentation [13/01/16]

'Alberta's New Math' is a presentation done by J Angus Watt of National Bank Financial and Angus Watt Advisory Group's for the 2016 Economic Outlook Lunch.
(3MB PDF - Full Presentation)

More Items of Interest 2017

#ProtectGrowth [23/09/17]

In response to proposed changes to federal tax legislation that put small business and farmers at risk, the Canadian Chambers of Commerce began the #ProtectGrowth initiative. Chambers across Canada have banded together to ask the federal government to reconsider the pervasive changes and #ProtectGrowth. Our own Jodie McFadzen and her family spoke out against the changes as part of this movement.

Ten Ways to Build a Canada that Wins [04/24/17]

For the last several years, the Canadian Chambers of Commerce have published an annual list of the Top 10 Barriers to Canadian Competitiveness. The documented listed some of the self-inflicted wounds that have prevented Canada's economy from achieving its full potential and set their recommendations for change. This year they focused on 10 ways to improve our economic success, along with specific recommendations to advocate throughout the year. 

More Items of Interest 2016

Top 10 Barriers to Competitiveness in Canada [19/02/16]

This ongoing initiative aims to direct attention to the key impediments that are preventing Canadian businesses from reaching their full potential and, in turn, Canada from improving its productivity and economic prosperity. Through this initiative, we are bringing these barriers to the forefront and are urging all levels of government to act more swiftly to improve our country’s ability to compete globally.

Immigration for a Competitive Canada: Why Highly Skilled International Talent is at Risk [14/01/14]

A report done by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce that looks at our current immigration regime and how Canada risks losing its competitive advantage when it comes to attracting highly skilled international talent.
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